compression load cell / tension/compression / tension / stainless steel
max. 500 N | DBCR series Applied Measurements



  • Type:

    compression, tension/compression, tension

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, strain gauge, pedal


The DBCR range of low capacity high precision load cells has been designed for the measurement of compressive and tensile forces. They are used extensivelyfor bi-directional testing across a wide range of
research and industrial applications.
Typical applications include material test machines, component test rigs and general in-line force
measurement. The DBCR can also be used in low capacity weighing applications, particularly with small
suspended hoppers, where a slim, compact and accurate load cell is required.
There are several options available with the DBCR series which makes it possible for the user to match the
product even more precisely with their requirements.
The DBCR, as with all other Applied Measurements sensors, can be supplied complete with monitoring/control electronics and calibrated as a system.

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