desktop computer enclosure / stainless steel / extruded / for instrumentation
485 x 313 x 446 mm, 3 - 6 U | Tamago series apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH



  • Construction:

    for desktop computers

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:


  • Application:

    for instrumentation


The Tamago desktop fold offers a combination of technical excellence and modern structure along with a special apra sealing provision for smooth handling and greater dependability. This product satisfies the most challenging requirements of the market using its top-class workmanship and several extension and supply pieces.

Additionally, it consists of plug-in versions that conform to IEC 297-3-101, BUS planks and modified electronics with fashionable aluminum extrusions and dyed zinc pieces. There apra-sealing feature is in-built and can function smoothly using the front and back regulation switches.

Moreover, the Tamago desktop fold can be accessed with standard enclosure including top/end shells and EMC enclosure with EMC safety panels. With the Tamago desktops, you can have a tailor-made enclosure and with your choice of enclosure contents.