built-in enclosure / for desktop computers / stainless steel / for instrumentation
max. 478 x 482 mm, 2 - 9 U | apraLine series apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH



  • Construction:

    built-in, for desktop computers

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Application:

    for instrumentation

  • Width:

    193 mm, 264 mm, 371 mm, 478 mm

  • Depth:

    262 mm, 302 mm, 342 mm, 382 mm, 482 mm


The apraline desktop enclosure is able to hold plug-in modules that are specified under IEC 60297-3-101. It can also include customized electronics. The identical front and rear frame are pretty much identical and they are width-adjustable. They have two side pieces that will be screwed and connected using recessed extrusions. There are ergonomic recessed grooves and handles that help in usage of mounting nuts and also universal mounting grids tha come with 10mm increments built-in into the recessed extrusions. The top and bottom shells and the rear panel too are all made of aluminium. Ventilated or solid models are available. The desktop has an impressive design, elegant lines and a two-tone surface.