compact enclosure / for desktop computers / stainless steel / for instrumentation
448 x 451 x 266 mm, 2 - 6 U | profi set 267 series apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH



  • Construction:

    compact, for desktop computers

  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Application:

    for instrumentation


The profi set enclosure system 267 has extraordinary versatility. It has a compact construction which allows the enclosure to become a desktop enclosure or even a 19 subrack. The available accessories can be used to transform the enclosure into various solutions.
The profi-set helps in installing plug-in modules which comply with IEC 297-3-101. It also has two stylish aluminium side extrusions, aluminum cover pieces, 10mm mounting grid and soem finish elements.
Front handles, panels and 19 angle brackets can be used for enclosure mounting.
The cover strips and top/bottom panels are painted light grey(IEC 297-3-101), while the side panels have been anodised.