wall-mount enclosure / 19" rack / sheet metal / network
max. 365 x 560 x 840 mm, 4 - 6 U | VARi Industry series apra-norm Elektromechanik GmbH



  • Construction:

    wall-mount, 19" rack

  • Material:

    sheet metal

  • Application:



The 19 inch wall mounting enclosure VARi industry is a stylish enclosure perfect to use with its compact switch cabinets. It is ideal to use for network cabling in the rough environment. It features IP 54 protection system and stable construction to protect the equipment from the external influences, including dust, moisture and mechanical attacks. You can install it vertically, because 19 mounting arrangements are available. There are two doors in the front and rear as well as the detachable front cover provide maximum accessibility. The upper and lower cable flange plates offer easy and safe entry for the cable. The stylish enclosure uses IP protection system.
The stylish enclosure features a space-saving design and stable construction. It has two doors that can be opened with the turning lever lock and three-point locking system. One side of the closure has incorporated the plexiglass panel. Doors are fixed with the 180° for easy accessibility. The profile half-cylinder lock is 5mm with dual bit key. Cable flange plates and outlet filter by IP 54 are incorporated for fan installation.