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SMT pick-and-place system / manual
400 cph | MPP-21 APS Novastar


  • Applications:

    for SMT

  • Other characteristics:



This manual pick and place machine has precise X, Y, Z and theta axis controls allowing accurate, consistent manual pick up and placement of surface mount components. As a durable, easy-to-use, and low price pick-place system, it greatly increases efficiencies during hand assembly operations.

Ergonomically designed arm rest and assembly provides for further accuracy and ease of component placement
Theta adjustment movement in pick & place tool to enhance ease of alignment
System comes equipped with 40 movable ESD safe component bins
(32 - 1" x 1" and 8 - 2" x 2" bins)
Innovative, movable padded hand and elbow rest designed to alleviate operator fatigue and discomfort
Left/Right handed pick & place head
Inline design with track hook-up provides progressive production (Push-Line) capabilities


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