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SMT pick-and-place machine
max. 2100 cph | CS40 APS Novastar


  • Applications:

    for SMT


Benchtop model with advanced, low cost solutions for low volume SMT placement applications. The CS40 Pick and Place Machine is specifically designed for pick & place operations at facilities where quick set-up, ease of operation are paramount.

* The highest quality at affordable capital expenditure
* Easy to set up, easy to use friendly Windows®-based software
* Placement rates up to 2100 cph
* Accurately places a wide range of components including 0603s, 25 mil QFPs, LED's, SMT connectors and many others
* Precision placement head design
* Up to 64 tape feeders, 96 8mm tape feeders with 12 lane bank feeders
* Easily interchangeable tape, loose, tube, or tray feeders
* Fiducial correction
* Integrated on-the-fly component centering
* Auto tool changer with up to 4 nozzles - 8 nozzles optional
* Minimal maintenance required


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