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Reflow soldering machine / semi-automatic
1800HT APS Novastar


  • Technique:


  • Operational mode:


  • Power:

    23200 W


Reflow oven with four (4) heating zones and 18" (457mm) wide conveyor for low to medium volume production runs. The 1800HT reflow oven utilizes our patented Horizontal Convection® heating technology for extremely uniform temperature profiling across the board for enhanced SMT process control. Units available with a maximum temperature of 400°C (752°F) and can be used for lead or lead-free solder applications.

* Four (4) vertical heating zones plus cooling zone.
* Low mass 18" (457mm) wide stainless steel conveyor
* Status light tower included
* Easy lift clamshell hood design with gas strut assist
* Edge rail conveyor option available
* Real time graphic temperature profiler to assist in profiling of board
* PC interface software optionally available
* Nitrogen gas inerting option available
* Reflow oven is Lead and Lead-free compatible


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