Reflow soldering oven
max. 400°C (752° F) | 1800HT APS Novastar


Reflow oven with four (4) heating zones and 18" (457mm) wide conveyor for low to medium volume production runs. The 1800HT reflow oven utilizes our patented Horizontal Convection® heating technology for extremely uniform temperature profiling across the board for enhanced SMT process control. Units available with a maximum temperature of 400°C (752°F) and can be used for lead or lead-free solder applications.

* Four (4) vertical heating zones plus cooling zone.
* Low mass 18" (457mm) wide stainless steel conveyor
* Status light tower included
* Easy lift clamshell hood design with gas strut assist
* Edge rail conveyor option available
* Real time graphic temperature profiler to assist in profiling of board
* PC interface software optionally available
* Nitrogen gas inerting option available
* Reflow oven is Lead and Lead-free compatible


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