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IntraVue ARC Informatique



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    management, monitoring, diagnostic, maintenance management

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IntraVue™ is the only tool for understanding, troubleshooting and quickly repairing the communication problems that may commonly occur on an industrial network. It gives local resources and maintenance personnel the ability to address basic problems and be better informed to assist network experts if required. Intravue™ is a tool developed specifically for the use of individuals responsible for the support of network equipment and the IP addressable devices connected to it.Intravue

Now fully Web Based, IntraVue™ can be installed in the process or manufacturing network so as to be viewed and managed remotely. For simple LANs up to complex corporate multi-VLAN Cisco installations, IntraVue™ now provides automatic and accurate real time viewing. This highlights the major sources of plant floor disruptions. IntraVue™ version 2 is the result of over 4 years of practical experience gained from the initial IntraVue™ product released in 2003.

With over 400 installations worldwide, our experience and customer input has allowed us to develop optimal methods for assisting staff who may have little networking expertise. IntraVue™ not only highlights alarm conditions but generates alarms for the most common plant floor problems. IntraVue™ automatically discovers all of the devices on the network and then automatically maps their connections. This ability is unique.