Automatic labeler / for flat products
LIGHT Arca Automation


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  • Product applications:

    for flat products


Labeling SYSTEMS

Minimum volume, maximum efficiency.
For applying 1 label on a product, providing all the reliability of the simplest solutions

Systems equipped with:

horizontal and vertical labeller position using handwheels and millimetered scales, for fine settings and effortless format changeovers. All operative adjustments and format changeovers are performed without tools
flat-lying Labelers (for lateral Labeling) can be positioned during the installation phase, even angled on 2 axes
variable height conveyors aligning to worktops
base features adjustable support feet and spirit level, for easy setup SYNCHRO-SPEED: operating speeds for all product handling devices (spacers, chain aligners, lateral and upper stabilizers, wrapping units, adapters) are automatically synchronized to the “master” speed set for the conveyor. A “coordinated” start command is available for controlling all devices on the System. Independent start and speed “end” settings are also possible for each utility
metal boxes, featuring integrated control panels, for total protection of electrical systems from impacts and electromagnetic disturbances. Emergency stop (with remote), also centralized for the pneumatic units. Electrical system boxes, for a maximum of 6 electric units, are equipped with a key-protected “control panel” switch (photo shows a box for just one electrical unit)
complete and thorough operating manual, featuring exploded diagrams of all parts


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