magnetic sorting unit / for wood / for metal chips / for recycling
ARJES - Recycling Innovation



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  • Product applications:

    for wood, for metal chips

  • Applications:

    for recycling


The proper separation of different types of materials is an important step in the recycling process. In order to achieve a homogeneous and clean final product, impurities must be removed from the pre-crushed material in downstream processes. In addition, there are more sources of value such as metals, which can then be further processed or sold.

For the extraction of metal-containing material you can integrate magnet stations (drum magnet, overband magnet) into the system. The powerful magnetic cores are able to create a high deposition rate of ferrous materials. Non-ferrous metals can be separated from the conveying stream by an eddy current. In this case, many permanent magnets are arranged on a fast-rotating deflection roller, which in turn generates a high frequency magnetic field. With this, the induced currents in the non-ferrous metals counteract their origin and thus push off these material parts.

Sorting cabins offer the option of manual cleanup and inspection of the material. These can be equipped with appropriate heating and air conditioning systems and are suitable for installation inside and outside of corporate facilities.