cleaning nozzle / for water / straight jet / for tanks
TANKO-S Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH



  • Function:


  • Media:

    for water

  • Stream:

    straight jet

  • Applications:

    for tanks

  • Other characteristics:

    rotating balls


The TANKO-S Spate cleaner proves an effective cleaning device for superior hygienic cleaning of tanks or vessels. The device has been in use for several decades and is well enhanced to ensure best cleaning results, product safety and significant contribution to savings. The sanitary standard certified economical spate cleaner features an enhanced cleaning power and is effectively based upon the TANKO-S40 for reliable CIP cleaning. The excellent slide bearing ensures a distinguished minimization of wear. The special shape with wide radii provides an extended access to optimal hygienic conditions. TANKO-SF is specially designed in compliance with American 3-A criteria to fulfill extraordinary hygienic design principles. The simple design Spate cleaner is regarded as one of the most economical cleaning devices of its time.