box-end wrench
59-0xx series Armstrong Tools

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box-end wrench box-end wrench - 59-0xx series


  • Length:

    Min.: 11 in

    Max.: 16.5 in


Made in the USA - Quality and Availability
For Use Where a Hammer or Sledge is Required to Create Extreme Force / Torque Necessary to Loosen or Tighten Large Fasteners
Large Striking Surface for More Efficient Hammer Contact, More Force Being Applied to the Fastener
Offset Round Handle Design to Clear Obstructions
Handle Length Permits Use in Confined Areas
Box End Opening is Designed to Remain Engaged to the Fastener When the Wrench is Struck
Heavy Box End Opening Provides Greater Transmission of Torque and More Strength While Also Providing Access to Confined Fasteners
Manufactured From High Alloy Steel Using the Most Up-To-Date Manufacturing Process and Heat Treat for Greater Strength and Durability