impact tester / for torque wrenches
64-6xx series Armstrong Tools



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    for torque wrenches


Made in the USA - Quality and Availability
Torque Testers Are Used to Check the Accuracy of Various Types of Torque Wrenches and Screwdrivers Including Pre-Sets
Designed to Be Mounted on A Workbench or Wall Allowing Operators to Test Wrenches in A Lab or at Their Work Stations; Adjustable Display Allows Viewing at Any Angle
Feature Three Modes of Operation: 1) Track Mode (Displays / Tracks Torque as it is Being Applied ), 2) Peak Hold (Holds the Highest Torque Value), and 3) First Peak (Measures the Value When Micrometer Click-Style Wrenches Click; Verifies Wrench Accuracy)
Three Way Led Yellow, Green, Red Indicator Lights with Audible Buzzer Indicate Under Target (Yellow), at / Within Target Tolerance (Green), and Over Target / Tolerance (Red).
Three Units of Measurement (Ft.Lb., On.Lb., N.M.) with A Quick Set Target Torque for Go / No Go Prompting
Not for Use with Power or Impact Tools
A Female-To-Female Square Drive Adapter is Included.
Includes "Certificate of Calibration". Certification is the Documentation of the Actual Calibration of the Torque Tester to Include; Model Number, Serial Number, Date, Actual Readings, Type of Test Equipment, and Test Equipment Calibration Standards