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rotary arm stretch wrapper / automatic
Electro-Wrap EW Series ARPAC Group



  • Type:

    rotary arm

  • Operating mode:


  • Height:

    80 in

  • Width:

    53 in

  • Length:

    53 in


Electro-Wrap Rotary Tower Stretch Wrapper

The ARPACSTRETCHTM MODEL Electro-Wrap Rotary Tower pallet wrapper, is a robust wrapper designed, manufactured and supported to offer trouble free operation

Mode of Operation
The pallet load is positioned under the rotary arm of the ARPAC Electro-Wrap stretch wrapping machine. The film is automatically attached to the pallet load and starts the stretch wrapping cycle .The rotary arm moves around the stationary load while the EZ-LOAD® film pre-stretch module stretches the film from 150 to 300% (200% standard).

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