differential pressure flow regulator / diaphragm / Venturi / for air
DPC200 Arthur Grillo GmbH



  • Technology:

    differential pressure, diaphragm, Venturi

  • Fluid:

    for air, for gas

  • Other characteristics:

    with LCD display, HVAC, for HVAC applications, with relay output, adjustable PI parameters, adjustable k-factor, control mode or measuring mode, normal or inverse control, with analog output

  • Pressure:

    Max.: 6,000 Pa (1 psi)

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)


Measurement / control of differential pressure or flow rate
Measuring ranges from 0...50 Pa (0.5 mbar) to 0...6000 Pa (60 mbar)
Alphanumeric LCD
Analog output 0...10 V
PI algorithm in control mode
2 setpoints adjustable in the device
Switchable units (metric or Anglo-American)
Adjustable maximum output voltage
Open Collector Alarm output for measurement and control mode
Supply voltage 10...30 Vdc; 24 Vac (±15%)

The DPC200 differential pressure regulator is used to measure small differential pressures of non-aggressive gases, especially air. A signal of 0...10 V is available to the user as an analog output. Depending on the setting of the device, this signal has different meanings. If the instrument is used as a pressure sensor, the output signal is proportional to the measured pressure. As a volume flow sensor, the device provides a root-equipped output signal.

In pressure or flow rate control, the output signal represents the manipulated variable of the PI control.

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