flow monitoring device / measurement / automatic / data acquisition
BodAS / BomAS AS Tech Industrie- und Spannhydraulik GmbH



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    automatic, data acquisition, measuring device


Automatic documentation of all screw connections in the force flow
Transmission of the datas by radio (2.4 GHz)
Evaluation of data via Windows (Printable)
Usable for bolt tensioners as well as for torque tools
Bidirectional data transfer possible
Control of the aggregates with the corresponding PDA

Measuring physical sizes with Wireless Sensors
Easy and quick to be configured Windows Software
Wireless (no tripping)
Ability to control the customers PLC
Measurement of rotating components possible
Configurable refresh interval (up to 4 times per second)
Output of warnings
Real-time data collection and export of data as CVS in real-time

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