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Wedge solenoid valve
ASCO Numatics Sirai Srl.


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The Picn Solenoid Valves manufactured by SIRAI™ works unlike other series offered by SIRAI™. A solenoid operator carries the pinching device which then pinches or releases a tubing in soft silicon or different kinds of materials that are soft. The liquid streams fastly in either course with minimal turbulence and dead spaces.

The Pinch Solenoid Valves can therefore handle any fluids compatible with its tubing material, securing them from any pollution and also extreme temperatures. Tubings installation and replacement are easy making the solenoid valves fit to be used for a vast range of application; especially for controlling physiological, medical and food fluids. Upon request, valves with typically closed or open 2/2 or 3/2 are available, along with the scaled-down version and latching models. All models are noise-free.


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