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Modular in design, ASGCO Weigh Belt Scale performs in a wide variety of conveyor styles and structures in English or metric. Versatile ASGCO Weigh Belt Scale installs in series to create a 2 or 3 idler weigh bridge - minimum of 2 load cells.

- Easy to Install - ASGCO Weigh Belt Scale which typically takes less than 2 hours for complete installation and start up!
- Virtually Maintenance Free - because its low profile minimizes build-up areas where dust and dirt accumulate.
- User Friendly Software Powers the ASGCO Totalizer - requiring input of only 5 field parameters before initial calibration.
- The Totalizer is Automated - because belt length and speed are automatically calculated and entered.
- Totalizer Provides a Wide Variety of Outputs - to drive printers, chart recorders, PLC devices and controllers.
- ASGCO Weigh Belt Scale is Simple - consisting of a speed sensor standard encoder - no expensive housings or assemblies
- A wide selection of Options are Available: wheel mount kit for speed sensor, cross tube kit for heavy duty / high belt loading applications, low capacity load cells for light duty applications and field wiring installation kits.


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