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V-bank conveyor belt cleaner
18'' - 84'' ASGCO Manufactirung


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The patented Hinged V-Plow is designed to effectively keep bulk material becoming trapped within the conveyor - between the tail pulley and the belt. The unique patented design of the "Hinge" part of the V-plow allows you to change the amount of angle the plow can have from 30, 45, or 60-degree angle.

* Hinged V-Plow - installs flat and then the wings are spread out to the optimum angle to remove material traveling on the return side of the conveyor belt.

* Protects the conveyor belt from puncture damage and its three-point suspension keeps the plow parallel to the belt.

* Easy Maintenance - simple and easy to install and maintain.

* Keeps bulk material from being trapped between take-up pulley and belt.

Reduces build-up which helps improves conveyor belt alignment.

* Mine-Duty - plows are also available.


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