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differential pressure transmitter / compact / precision / MEMS



  • Pressure type:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, precision, MEMS, for liquids and gases, for HVAC systems, rugged

  • Process temperature:

    Max.: 180 °F (82 °C)

    Min.: -40 °F (-40 °C)

  • Pressure range:

    Max.: 172,368.93 Pa

    Min.: 0 Pa (0 psi)


This differential pressure transmitter is designed for velocity or static measurements for ducts, filter efficiency, building pressure, room pressurization and up to four stations. The TYPE CXLDP transmitter boasts a rugged casing, which can be surface or DIN mounting. It is fitted with a LED power status indicator to help with correcting wiring, trouble shooting, locating the device in a duct fast. The Euro designed terminal block is detachable and greatly reduces wiring time in the field and wiring errors.

The TYPE CXLDP transmitter features 20 common pressure ranges, which are all able to resist 15 psi without causing calibration change or damage. These models are digitally compensated and feature NIST traceable 0.8% F.S and 0.4% F.S accuracy. It is backed by the class leading Ashcroft® Si-Glas™sensor , which offers unmatched sensitivity and increased stability. The integrated extremely reliable application circuit provides new digital compensation.

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