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    with window


The TAR is a high-temperature aging test room engineered by Asli. It is suitable for use in testing different types of materials for their tolerances to heat, cold, dry, and humidity.

1. Graceful appearance, circularly shaped body, surface treated with mist strips and plane. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.
2. Rectangular double-paned viewing window for observation of sample under test,with interior lights
3. Water supply system that is externally connectable, convenient for refilling water into the humidifying pot and automatically recyclable.
4. French Tecumseh is used as compressor, with environment friendly refrigeration R23, R404A
5. LCD display screen, capable of displaying set point and actual values at the same time
6. The control unit has the functions of multiples segment program editing, and of quick or ramp rates control of temperature.
7. Casters are provided for ease of mobility, with strong positioning screws.

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