climatic test chamber / solar simulation / with xenon arc lamp
0.35 - 0.6 w/m² | XL - 1000 ASLi (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    climatic, solar simulation

  • Options and accessories:

    with xenon arc lamp


The Xenon Test Chamber climate testing machine features an advanced design and is manufactured using latest technology in order to enable highest quality performance. It is used for climatic aging and fading acceleration tests used to determine sunlight, humidity, temperature and rain effects on the color of various products. It is suitable for the testing of dying and finishing, printing, leather, plastic, plyglass, painting, textile, printing ink, rubber and industry related colors. It enables fast and easy determination of light fastness and fade grade of tested products. This model is capable of accurately emulating sunlight spectrum using xenon arc light, in order to simulate the damaging effect under various environmental conditions. It provides an effective solution for improving existing materials, selecting new ones and durability testing.

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