ozone resistance test chamber / stainless steel
1 - 1 000 pphm | OA series ASLi (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    ozone resistance

  • Options and accessories:

    stainless steel


Ozone Aging Test Chamber is used to test the ozone environment, the characteristics of crack-resistant rubber, ozone resistance testing machine, can control and adjust the concentration of ozone environment, to determine the anti-ozone properties of the specimen. The equipment can comply with the standard: JISK6259 ASTM1149 ISO1431 GB/TTB62 GB/T13642
1. Stainless steel inside and outside
2. Outside made iron with powder coating
3. Durable ozone generator
4. Insulation material is High-density glass fiber cotton
5. Bottom is universal round wheel and fixed foot
6. Window materials is multilayer steel-glass, the inside is chip conductive

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