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    stainless steel


Ventilator-Aging Test Chamber is used to test the material heat-resistance of polymer materials (plastics, plastic) and electronic parts, electrical insulation materials, such as: wire and cable sheathing, heat-shrinkable tubing, rubber or PVC materials. 

1. Easy to operation and the box using CNC machining, elegant design, innovative and adopt counterproductive handle.
2. Internal material is high imported SUS304 mirror Stainless steel or 304B TIG, outside is A3 Steel spray, it improves the texture and appearance of cleanliness.
4. You can visually observe through huge Tempered glass windows with lights anytime and clearly.
5. Good uniformity of temperature
7. With D.50mm test holes on the left side for external test power line or signal line.

Ventilation Conversion Formula:
  N:  Ventilators;
  V: Capacity of case;
  X: Power consumed when open the air valve
   Y: Power consumed when closed
   △t: Temperature difference between working and environmental
   Constant: 3590

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