salt spray corrosion test chamber / horizontal
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    salt spray corrosion

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Spray chambers with sulfur dioxide salt are increasingly popular choices for the enhanced corrosive testing of the preventive layer from metallic elements and also electrical components, parts, and industrial products. Adding to this, it has the potential to reproduce the corrosion process that affects the untreated or painted metal surface. Hence, it can be utilized to render a wide range of corrosion tests in compliance with relevant standards such as ISO6988-1985.

This corrosive resistant CPVC plate is created integrally via pressing and without leakage. Furthermore, the gap between the lid of the tank and the body of the take is hermetically sealed to prevent water penetration and air leakage. Even though the transparent material crafted lid provides you with a first hand view of the testing items inside to determine the stats, it have been appointed wth a dual air filter as well to guarantee that the emission gas attracts no contamination to the environment. The wired control interface and other electrical parts are strategically places in specific places for easy maintain and checking.

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