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    humidity and temperature

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The (HAST)Highly-accelerated stress test chamber is widely used to test the sealing property for multi-layered circuit board, IC sealing package, LCD screen, LED semi-conductor, magnetic materials and NdFeB, in which the resistance to pressure of these quantities can be tested out.

If the inner box is open, the machine can not start. On the other hand, when the inner box projected a higher pressure than the machine's undertake value, it will initiate its self-relieve function. Furthermore, it has a double overheat protection device wherein if the inner box registered a high temperature, it will start its alarm, and then automatically cut off the heating power. It also has a protection cover which is made of an aluminum alloy.

1.Automatic adding water function, and automatic filling water upon the water short storage while testing.
2.Automatic operation to test process finished, easy to use.
3.Temperature control: LED digital temperature controller can make accurate testing of temperature setting, control and display.
4. LED digital timer, when the inner box's temperature reached the setting value, then start to time to ensure the test complete.
5.Accurate pressure: temperature chart always shows the inner box's pressure and relative humidity.
6.Water device is automatically discharge not saturated steam in order to achieve the best steam quality.
7.A integrated silica gel door gasket, air tightness is very good, and long operation life.
8.The inner box is mirror-polished , graceful and non-pollution