aging test chamber / stability / salt spray / automatic
SDH-60 ASLi (China) Test Equipment Co., Ltd



  • Type:

    aging, stability, salt spray

  • Options and accessories:


  • Applications:

    for aircraft

  • Capacity:


    Max.: 480 l (126.8 gal)

    Min.: 108 l (28.53 gal)

  • Temperature:


    Max.: 63 °C (145.4 °F)

    Min.: 35 °C (95 °F)


The sulfur dioxide based corrosive testing box are widely applied to the accelerated corrosive testing of the protective layer from metallic materials, as well as parts ,
electrical components and industrial products. It can reproduce the corrosion process happened to the painted or untreated metal surface. Therefore it can be used
to perform various kinds of corrosion test in according to relevant standards, such as ISO6988-1985.

Anti-corrosive CPVC plate is formed integrally through pressing and with no leakage.The space between tank lid and tank body is water sealed with no air leaking.
While the lid, which is made of transparent material, allows you to observe the testing items inside clearly to know the status. It has been equipped with double air
filter ensure that the emission gas brings no contamination to environment. Wired control board and other electrical components are positioned in certain places for
easy check and maintain.

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