Electro-permanent magnetic chuck / double-face
Doublemag Assfalg GmbH


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These magnetic modules are adhesive on both sides and both clamp the
work piece and themselves to the machine table. Mechanical clamping or fix
clamping is not required.
Several modules combined, are a cost-effective alternative to big magnetic


- For clamping big or bulky work
pieces during milling processing,
rough or finish machining.
- For clamping during edge cutting
or deburring (without mechanical
- For simple and fast fixing of work
pieces during
- Also usable with fixed and movable
pole extensions for uneven

Professional advantages:

- Drastic reduction of set-up times
- A 5-sided processing at simple and fast positioning of the work piece
- Low vibration while milling, and even distribution of
adhesive force over the entire magnetic clamping surface
- For processing big parts, several Double/Triplemags can
be connected with each other and controlled
- Using pole extensions, plane-parallelism of up to 0.01
mm is possible on the work piece
- Also bulky work pieces can be clamped without distortion
by using pole extensions
- Full utilization of the machine, because there are no
disturbing edges unlike with mechanical clamping

- Pole size 50 × 50 mm
- Adhesive force up to 380 daN per pole
- Penetration depth of the magnetic field at maximum adhesion force up to
12 mm
- Complete full steel body, so the best protection against hot chips and
- Full clamping force will only be achieve
if the supporting table is ferromagnetic and at least 15 mm thick


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