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Electro-permanent magnetic chuck / double face
Doublemag Assfalg GmbH

Both-sided Electropermanent-Magnetic-Clamping-Elements: Double-Mag

Enormous EP-magnetic force in an easy and handy design.No more mechanical clamping, because the modules are also clamped on the machine table.A perfectly clamping – the magnets are placed where they are needed. Several modules can be interconnected, so big work pieces can be processed.

Require only a short electronical impulse from the Controller for activation. The magnetic chuck possesses the approved square-pole technology, which offers you an optimal halt by maximal flexibility and also a maximum level of safety. The workpiece will be safely clampled even if a power blackout occurs. There won´t happen neither a warming of the magnetic modules nor a warming of the workpiece because of the short electronical impulse.

By the application of pole extensions also uneven workpieces can be clamped safely and shape-distortion-free. Simultaneously the surface of the moduls will be protected.


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