leakage current tester / cabling / for medical devices / automatic
LINECHEK® II Series Associated Research



  • Test type:

    leakage current

  • Tested product:

    cabling, for medical devices

  • Other characteristics:



The LINECHEK® 620L model is a fully automatic leakage current tester that can be programmed to perform eight typical Line Leakage tests. This equipment is incorporated with numerous measuring tools that can perform patient lead tests together with alternative scanning matrix. It features a continuous run capacity that enables the device under test to be generated without shutting off between line leakage tests despite reverse polarity occurrences. Programmed with an alternative run test functionality, the 620L is capable of monitoring minimum and maximum readings for voltage, current, watts, power factor and leakage current. This instrument can be arranged to be utilized for stand alone operations or as part of a test system when connected to any Associated Research Hipot or Ground Bond tester.