Balancing vibration analyzer / dual-channel / tachometer
DC-23 Association VAST


  • Applications:

    for balancing

  • Other characteristics:

    dual-channel, tachometer


Vibration analyzer DC-23 - device with two parallel channels, with embedded balancing, shock and run-up/coast-down programmes. DC-23 measures vibration parameters, which are used as initial data for actual equipment condition evaluation and forecast.

All necessary measurements related to one route are received from one single time signal, allowing to cut down the measurement time drastically.

Vibration analyzer DC-23 has a self-control function for the measurement tract. Now it is evident if the sensor/cable/outlet is damaged and thereby the problem of incorrect data acquisition is avoided.

DC-23 uses powerfull computers so that all measurement operations are conducted very fast.

№ channels - 2 parallel channels
Resolution - 51200 lines
Frequency range 0,5 - 51200 Hz
Tachometer - 2 - 300 Hz
Protection - IP65
Operation temperature -20 + 50 C
Weight - 1,05 kg
Battery - min 8 hrs

18 mth warranty and full tech support

Embedded programms
Run-up/coast-down (amplitude-phase-frequency graphs for resonance identification)
Balancing (up to 3-planes)
Shock (program for identification of natural frequency of the object)

DC-23 works with Dream32 software. Dream32 is used for:
- automatic analysis of spectrum;
- fault identification;
- maintenance recommendations;
- equipment safe operation prediction
- reports.


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