machine monitoring vibration analyzer / for rotating-machine balancing / with data logger / digital
DC-21 Association VAST



  • Applications:

    for machine monitoring, for rotating-machine balancing

  • Other characteristics:

    with data logger, digital, dual-channel, tachometer


Vibration analyzer DC-21 - simple and reliable companion in your journey to vibration diagnostics.

DC-21 has in its arsenal all neccessary functions for vibration analysis of the following industrial equipment: pumps, ventilators, exhausters, turbines, compressor, electric motors.

Small dimensions and weight (device itself weights only 0,8 kg), long operation period (no less than 8 hrs of work without charge), ability to work in harsh environments (IP65, temp. -20 - +50 C.), embedded software applications (run-up/coast down, shock, balancing, magnitophone) allows DC-21 to be an useful aid for everyday vibration measurement and diagnostics, as well as for vibration adjustment operations.

№ channels - 2 channels (in series)
Resolution - 1600 lines
Frequency range 0,5 - 25600 Hz
Tachometer - 2 - 300 Hz
Protection - IP65
Operation temperature -20 +50 C
Weight - 0,8 kg
Battery - min 8 hrs

18 mth warranty and full tech support

Availabale in explosion proof variant

Embedded programms
Run-up/coast-down (amplitude-phase-frequency graphs for resonance identification)
Balancing (up to 3-planes)
Shock (program for identification of natural frequency of the object)

DC-21 works with Dream32 software. Dream32 is used for:
- automatic analysis of spectrum;
- fault identification;
- maintenance recommendations;
- equipment safe operation prediction
- reports.

DC-21 has earned a reputation of reliable and simpe in use device.