machine monitoring vibration meter / pocket / with electronic stethoscope / pyrometer
CM-21 Association VAST



  • Applications:

    for machine monitoring

  • Other characteristics:

    pocket, with electronic stethoscope, pyrometer, tachometer, accelerometer


CM-21 is a perfect solution for maintenance personal due to high reliability, economic efficiency and simplicity in use.

User-friendly interface makes it easy to operate CM-21 without any special training.

Compact and handy vibrometer easily fits in the pocket, or in a special bag, that allows to carry sensors and cables as well.

Beeing a great alternative to costly vibration analyzers, CM-21 can be used as an effective instrument for condition control and vibration monitoring during everyday walk-round check.

CM-21 comes with Vibro-level software, that allows to create measurement routes and set up a warning value.

- Broadbands (2-1000, 10-1000, 10-2000, 10-5000, 6400-25000, 10000-25000, 15000-25000 Hz)
- vibration parameters (acceleration, velocity, displacement) - Peak, Peak-Peak, Peak-factor, RMS
- temperature (0 - 350 C)
- rotational frequency - 2 - 300 Hz

CM-21 is a great aid to mechanical engineer. It allows building temperature and vibration trends, thus allowing efficient control of the equipment park.