machine condition monitoring vibration meter / with data logger
VT-21 Association VAST



  • Applications:

    for machine condition monitoring

  • Other characteristics:

    with data logger


Vibrometer VT-21 - new generation of low-cost means of vibration control and monitoring. VT-21 is capable of measuring third-octave spectra so now it is possible to adjust custom setpoints for every 3d-octave and specify the condition of the controlled equipment. In addition to that, VT-21 is capable of conducting route measurements, thus decreasing time needed for measurement and making this process more convenient.

VibroM(used together with VT-21) - is an applied software for condition monitoring. It collects measurement data and allows to give condtiton forecast for controlled equipment. Initial evaluation of casuses of condition change, if needed, conducted manually according to specified methodology. Both software and methodology are in free access.

- Broadbands (2-1000, 10-1000, 10-2000, 10-5000, 6400-25000, 10000-25000, 15000-25000 Hz)
- vibration parameters (acceleration, velocity, displacement) - Peak, Peak-Peak, Peak-factor, RMS
- temperature (0 - 350 C)
- rotational frequency - 2 - 300 Hz

CM-21 is a great aid to mechanical engineer. It allows building temperature and vibration trends, thus allowing efficient control of the equipment park.