Vibration monitoring system / continuous / stationary
KVK-21M Association VAST


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    continuous, stationary


System of control and vibration KVK-21M is a new modification of digital equipment vibration control and protection device that complies with international standarts ISO 10816 and accepted in Russian Federation GOST ISO 10816 and GOST 25364.

Complexes are built on the modular principle on the basis of Vibration Monitors VM-21o. This approcah provides agility in terms of creating various systems starting with simple monitor or automatic control vibration measurement channel and ending with complex multi-channel systems of emergency protection and equipment condition monitoring.

Complex of vibration control КVК-21M is aimed at:

KBK 21M 2

— parameters measurement: vibration, temperature, rotational speed
— threshold control:
— control of intolerable vibration impulses and growth trends
— signalling about the equipment vibration level: color, relay
КVК-21М is used in different sectors of industry.

Complex provides the following functions(depending on complex set):
— configuration of complex based on customer needs
— formation of equipment vibration condition database, including information about hazardous events
— display of measured parameters on the screen in the form of text, graphs and diagrams
— display of mnemonic shcemes of the controlled object
— availability of access management
— self test


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