current monitoring device / vibration / for machines / continuous
SMD-4M Association VAST



  • Type:

    current, vibration

  • Applications:

    for machines

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, mobile


Mobile system of condition monitoring SDM-4M

SDM-4M - new class of small-sized mobile and bench-top systems of continious condition monitoring of wide range of parameters of vibration and electric current, which define the state of the equipment.

This mobile system can be temporary installed on the object to conduct vibration monitoring, and, optionally, electric current measurements. Based on acquired data from these measurements system can provide timely forecast of expected residual lifetime of equipment and warn user in case of possible upcoming machine failure.

Wide range of controlled parameters allows to conduct condition monitoring during machine launch using broadband, third-octave spectrum in transient states, and achieve maximum effectiveness of monitoring and condition forecast of equipment in steady-state regime, supplementing it with narrowband spectrum analysis.

Periodically, as well as during detection of condition change, system records all the data in main database, and, if needed, in corresponding files of original signal.