condition monitoring device / vibration / for bearings / for railway vehicles
Vektor-2000 Association VAST



  • Type:

    condition, vibration

  • Applications:

    for bearings, for railway vehicles

  • Other characteristics:

    measuring device


The main purpose of using complex Vektor-2000 is to prevent accidents related to wheels and motor units in lokomotives during their exploitation. Vektor-2000 is capable of identifying current conditions of bearings and reductor units of railway rolling stock. Vektor-2000 meets all requirements of regulatory document of JSC "Russian Railways" ("Vibration diagnostics of locomotive elements" PKB CT.06.0050). Complex Vektor-2000 consists of vibration analyzer DC(Data Collector) and specialized software DREAM32. Complex includes data bases with configuration for rolling stocks that is used by Russian railways maintenance depot.

The main measuring device, that determins the metrological characteristics of the complex, is DC series vibration analyzer. DC vibration analyzer complies with the following standarts:

- GOST 30296-95;
- GOST ISO 2954-97;
- GOST ISO 10816-1-97;
- GOST ISO 10816-3-2002;
- GOST ISO 10816-4-2002.

Vibration analyzer has gone through state tests and was introduced to State registry of measurement devices as a device for measurement, collection, and analyzis of the vibration parameters.

Additionally vibration analyzer of DC serie is registered in industry register of measurement devices, permitted to work with in JSC "Russian Railways"