measuring module for railway applications / for functional control / for signaling systems / USB
TMS Association VAST



  • Applications:

    for railway applications, for functional control, for signaling systems

  • Other characteristics:



TMS is used for functional control over signalling systems on interstationary cable lines of local and regional phone networks. TMS is a measuring module, connected to PC by means of USB interface. Tester has two design versions: base option with E1 flow support and extended version with support for up to 8 flows. 1-channel version of tester has external amplifier with high input resistance, allowing to place device for up to 15 meters from flow connection point.

Device allows to conduct supervision over the process of handling calls by digital connection lines in clusters, that use signalling through one or two allocated channels(1 BCK and 2 BCK) with decade and multifrequent means of command information transferring; in clusters, equiped with common signalling channel SS7, DSS1, QSIG and V5.2 (with support of enclosed signalling files DSS1); in clusters, using digital signalling system for rail-ways operational and technological network. Besides that, there is an opportunity to monitor the load of signalling messages for common signalling channels.

Technical charactersitics
- Digital controlling lines interface - meets recommendations of MCE G.703-2048 kbit/s, symmetrical, 120 Ohm, linear code - HDB3
- Amount of inlets for E1 flow connection: 1-channel version - 1, multi-channel version - 2, 4, 6, 8 (modular structure)
- Input resistance of external amplifier (1-channel version) - no less than 1500 ohm
- Input Resistance of measuring module (multi-channel version) - no less than 1500 ohm
- Interface for connection to PC - USB 1.1
- Power - AC 220 V
- 1-channel version has audio output for listening of speech signals