shaft alignment system / laser / wireless
Vibro-Laser 210® Association VAST



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Association VAST presents new portable laser shaft alignment system Vibro-Laser 210®. Functionality and high technological charactersitics of Vibro-Laser 210® allow prompt and precise alignment of industrial equipment (pumps, electric motors, multiplicators, reductors, fans etc.), thus reducing energy consumption and increasing aggregate lifetime.

Display of the Vibro-Laser 210 system has ergonomic design, small weight and shockproof casing.

Measurement units are embedded with latest technologies of digital processing and cable-free data transmition Bluetooth® module.

Absolutely new user-friendly step-by-step interface with 3D animation and wide 8-inch sensor screen make operator's work super easy! Unique system of data management allows saving on any stage of the alignment process and come back to work at any time.

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