diagnostic software / vibration analysis / monitoring / rotating machinery
DREAM-0 Association VAST



  • Function:

    vibration analysis, monitoring, diagnostic

  • Applications:

    rotating machinery

  • Operating system:



Condition monitoring of machines and equipment is one of the most effective ways of lowering the failure rate and increasing reliability of technical systems. For rotary equipment the most efficient type of monitoring is vibration monitoring. Due to irreversible change of condition of the equipment several defects develope within the machine and usually some of them noticeably change the equipment vibration.

In order to solve the difficult task of making a transition towards condition-based maintenance, it is necessary to spot and identify all potentially hazardous defects on early stage of the development, several month before the irreversable change of the condition would be spotted by monitoring system.

This task may be solved by means of preventive diagnostics, which allow to use specific diagnostic features for different types of defects, thus allowing to prepare a timely response to the problem. However, in modern monitoring systems this approach is not very well spread, due to complexity of the software needed.

Software package for monitoring and diagnostics «Dream for Windows» broadly uses the main features of preventive diagnostics for rotary equipment elements. Developers of this software are amongst the founders of preventive vibration diagnostics and were the first group of scientists, who could create the functional system of automatic diagnostics of roller bearings, which uses a complex algorithm, that could identify defects as good as an expert of high qualification in vibration analysis.