measurement software / calculation / quality control / balancing
VBALPRO32M Association VAST



  • Function:

    measurement, calculation, quality control, balancing

  • Applications:

    machine, for shafts


Association VAST offers a variety of complexes for shaft balancing, based on our Data Collector device - starting from systems for small machines and aggregates, using up to 3 balancing surfices and up to 8 control points, ending by professional systems, that practically have no limitations.

Main characteristics are:

measurement quality control, allowing to minimize the amount of machine launches;
special algorithms, allowing to reach required balancing precision by using minimum amount of balancing surfices and trial runs;
diagnostics of defects of shaft line, decreasing the efficiency of balancing;
evaluation of effectiveness of balancing during calculation process.

Types of software

1. balancing (VBalInt) — embedded software
2. «small» balancing programme (VBalLit) — software for PC
3. «big» balancing programme (VBalPro) — software for PC VBal7