surveillance camera / full-color / CCD / line-scan
LIXUS-i PN series ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik GmbH



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The cameras Lixus-i PN have manual and automatic controls for the exposure time, amplification and video offset .They are capable of rectifying a changed scene illumination and to ensure optimal adjustment of the sensor to the signal processing in changing ambient conditions. This product has an edge detection for position and width measurement with thresholds that can be consistent or definable for each pixel and several filter options. Several functions of these cameras are the elimination of noise and heavily structured background, measurement from the edge or from a definable center, pre-selection of edges, limitation of the measurement window and others. With the capability to monitor the number of objects. In addition, the said series is durable, with an industry-suitable design and it provides an autonomous measuring and monitoring system and integrated signal processing.

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