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PXIe-2461 Astronics Test Systems



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    automatic, programmable


The Astronics PXIe-2461 is a high-performance, 2-channel, universal 235 MHz frequency interval counter.

Occupying a single PXI Express peripheral slot or hybrid slot, the frequency and time interval/counter (FTIC) offers many easy-to-use automatic measurement functions such as:
-Frequency and period
-Time interval
-Time interval (delayed)
-Rise and fall time
-Pulse width
-Duty cycle
-Frequency ratio (channels 1 to 2 or 2 to 1)
-Totalize (manual, by pulse, by cycle, and timed)

Outstanding Resolution: The Astronics 2461 counter offers frequency measurements up to 235 MHz and up to nine digits of resolution per second. In time interval, the resolution is 1 ns in single-shot mode and 100 ps in average mode.

High-Voltage Measurement: You can set the Astronics 2461 to measure timing and amplitude characteristics in either of two voltage ranges: ±5.1 V or ±42 V.

Measurement Timeout: With the programmable measurement timeout, you can optimize system performance where input signals are missing.