inkjet printing machine / digital / multi-color / wafer



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    inkjet, digital

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The flexible machining cell is designed for front or back side printing (bumping or wafer backside coating) on round wafers. The system consists of two main modules,
a loading unit and a printing system.

The loading unit in turn consists of three components: a magazine unloading
system, a robot unit and a pre-align station. The magazine unloading system is equipped with two magazine positions from where the wafers are fed to the machine. The 3-axis robot unit with vacuum end effector ensures a stress-free wafer transport.

Using a flexible pick-up, different end effectors can be used even for very
thin or curved wafers.

Fully integrated cell concept, for wafers up to 8”, 12” optional
Prepared for two fluorware wafer magazines
3-axis wafer robot with vacuum end effector
Integrated pre-align station unit (flat or notch detection)
Wafer printer XW with SIMPLEX user interface
More information see datasheet

Preparation for different wafer sizes (up to 12“)
Preparation for double vacuum end effector
OCR recognition (2D recognition via the printer camera), optional wafer backlight,for best contrasts
More options see datasheet