pneumatic manipulator / with gripping tool / with clamping system / handling
ATISmirus 300 ATIS s.r.l.



  • Drive type:


  • Gripping device:

    with gripping tool, with clamping system

  • Applications:

    handling, for materials handling, for auto parts handling, auto parts

  • Other characteristics:

    hanging, overhead trolley, ergonomic, overhead rail-mounted

  • Field:


  • Carrying capacity:

    Min.: 5 kg (11 lb)

    Max.: 300 kg (661.4 lb)


Industrial pneumaticmanipulator ATISmirus with bespoke gripping system that allow the pick up of truck dashboard from the containers and install them on the middle of the production line.
The equipment has been tailored for the end customer. Our technical department use powerful and modern 3D design systems that allow usu to model the equipment on the component to be handled to extreme optimize the whole structure of the manipulator.