Compressed air compressor / screw / oil-injected / stationary
18 - 146.2 cfm, 87 - 189 psig | GAR 5-37 series ATLAS Copco Compressors USA


  • Product:

    compressed air

  • Technology:


  • Lubrication:


  • Portability:


  • Applications:

    not specified

  • Flow:

    Min.: 8.5 l/s (2.25 us gal/s)

    Max.: 69 l/s (18.23 us gal/s)

  • Power:

    Min.: 5.5 kW (7.38 hp)

    Max.: 37.5 kW (50.29 hp)


The GAR 5-37 is an oil-injected rotary screw compressor that works with rail vehicles. This can provide compressed air to many suspension and operational functions. This uses a rotary screw setup and is strong for the toughest conditions. This can work for many rail vehicles and may be used in diesel engines as needed. This works for shunting trains and metro cars as well as EMUs, DMUs and LRVs. This is designed for main lines too.


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