Water-cooled aftercooler
17 - 3 389 cfm, 152 - 290 psi | HD 4-96 ATLAS Copco Compressors USA

Atlas Copco’s after-coolers, whether cooled by water (HD) or air (TD), are reliable, require minimum maintenance and provide trouble-free protection against the costly effects of water in your system. Both types deliver air into the air-net at a temperature suitable for most types of air dryers. High cooling efficiency is combined with low energy consumption.

HD water-cooled after-coolers use a bundle of stainless steel tubes to cool the air, with the cooling water and the compressed air flowing in opposite directions. The cooling tubes are reeled inside to create turbulence for more rapid cooling of the compressed air. TD air-cooled after-coolers have an aluminium block cooling element. An electrically driven fan, shielded by a protector for user safety, forces cooling air between the fins.


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