solar aging test equipment / for photovoltaic modules
Atlas 25+® Atlas Material Testing Technology


  • Test type:

    solar aging

  • Test material:

    for photovoltaic modules


The Atlas 25plus is a testing program, geared to evaluate the long-lasting durability of photovoltaic elements. The program brings together ultra-high tech testing with sophisticated instruments as well as testing the photovoltaic modules with outdoor exposure.

Current test standards like the IEC certification tests for design, do not test the modules for long-lasting durability. They only disclose possible manufacturing defects or designing defects which may result in early death for the photovoltaic modules, something akin to "infant mortality". These programs do not anticipate or forecast the reasons of failure or long term deterioration due to climate/environmental related strains which tend to build up over a period of time.

Atlas has garnered over 90 years of experience in the field of weathering tests and related instruments as the undisputed leaders in inventive technology, out of which 25 years have been spent in photovoltaics. Starting with module testing for the well-known Skylab, Atlas has advanced into providing outstanding services in durability testing with the revolutionary Atlas 25Plus.

The testing program comprises a gamut of fast-tracked tests both, in the laboratory and in the outdoors, by exposing the PV modules to long-term environmental extremes, to determine the rate of environmentally-driven wear-and-tear.


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