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Hydraulic press / forming / double-column
DDP640 ATM Deutschland Maschinen & Werkzeuge Vertriebs Gm


  • Operation:


  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Pressing force:

    Min.: 1000 kN

    Max.: 4000 kN


It is designed according to your production purposes and your tools. It is manufactured standard with the pressure capacity from 100 to 250 Metric tons.
It is constructed as a closed frame press. With a sophisticated control system it is possible to precisely control the pressing force and position during operation. It is possible to work position or pressure dependent.

Used for:

Drawing, bending, printing, forming and part dropping processes for metal sheet.
Production of Wooden and Plastic parts
Manufacture auto parts and machine parts
Manufacture house hold electric parts
Manufacture steel sheet and aluminium doors Production of Tungsten alloys, Teflon parts
Production fine ceramic and high-tech materials

User friendly
Service friendly design, low maintenance costs by using only high quality components and tools
Sturdy construction and proven design which is a guaranty for a long life-span
Advanced control system with PLC
Computer optimised vertical frame structure with high rigidity Adjustable stroke and pressure in the specified scope.
Pressure pre-release unit equipped in hydraulic system minimum hydraulic shock.
Working system:


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