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general purpose microcontroller / low-power / ARM
SAM3S series Atmel



  • Applications:

    general purpose

  • Other characteristics:

    low-power, ARM


The Atmel® SAM3S Cortex™ M3 Flash MCU combines functions to be able to streamline structure style and design and also lessen electrical power usage right down to 2.3 mW at 1 MHz, 1.45mW/MHz over 64 MHz procedure and also 1.6 uA when it comes to back-up setting through the RTC operating. Influenced through the best-selling SAM7S range, the particular SAM3S is the perfect migration way to a far more powerful as well as function-rich MCU. A reconditioned side-line collection offers program management, indicator connections, some sort of recommended exterior parallel bus user interface, connection as well as interface assistance.

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